Sounds from today

Today I did a bit of recording. Sort of informal, just trying out some ideas I had. I have been thinking a lot about trance enducing music. I have a couple records that pull this off in different ways. Usually it has to do with dislocating the listener from their musical expectaions. Sounds that either repeat ad infinitum, or not at all work best at this it seems. Both examples are used very well on Robert Bearns and Ron Dexter’s, The Golden Voyage Volume I. For the most part the almost non musical minimalism at some points is what really works for me.

I was also thinking about how there are sounds I enjoy that I have reservations about making public. If nothing else, than because they are so simple. For some reason I have the odd need to justify what I call my own music, by making it into something expected. This is true of distortion. I really enjoy the sound of it. I like dialing up a really nasty distortion and playing around with the beat frequencies it generates. But after the initial glow of experimentation, I feel the need to put it in a structure, as if that is the best way to communicate it. Today I realized, that if I just wanted to make a 5 minute song of nothing but droning distortion, that that is what I should do. And really the only honest thing to do.

I hooked everything up and realized there were some interesting crackles resulting from my fingers on the strings. So the first thing I recorded, was an improvisation starting with that. Check it out…


Then of course, the little droning bit I was talking about. This is an interesting first take. I’m not completely satisfied with it, but here it is anyhow.




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