One of mine, I hope you enjoy

I don’t know what to write to introduce this recording. It is one of mine as the title suggests. It’s only part of a larger group of linked forms of music I am interested in making however.

It is assembled from a series of blind improvisations on various instruments. It is not “free” (improv), because with freedom comes responsibility, and I am very irresponsible.

Essentially, I came up with a loose frameswork i could improvise on, and recorded the first part. Subsequent parts were devised as i listened to the playback, but they were recorded “blind”, meaning without hearing the previous track playing back. On top of that, certain sounds were sequenced to repeat rhythmically, but not to any of the other parts.

So the idea I guess is that this process of randomness with create generative music that is devised and controlled, but sounds free. The objective is to get listeners away from trying to identify with a structure and just listening to see what the hell will happen next.

I hope you enjoy this, there will be more to come.



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