Another quick improvised track

long summer drive

As we get closer to the holidays, I get less and less time to prepare posts. I have another edition of “The Wonders of the Cassetee tape Loop” I have been preparing, but it is going to be a very detailed post and so it is going to have to wait another week or so.

In the interest of posting something today, I decided to do another instalment of lazily and crappily recorded music.

While that title is a little self-depricating, it should not be taken too seriously. I have really been enjoying recording like this. Joy in what I create, is of course a huge part of doing it. Recording, while it can be fun, can be really tedious, annoying and devoid of joy. In the interest of keepig the joy at the center, it can be really nice to limit yourself to what is readily available and easily accessible.

In recording these pieces I pretty much limit myself to what is at arms length instrument-wise, and whatever samples are on my computer. All the tracks I record through my computer mic and assembled in pro-tools. The goal is as much bliss as I can pack in, in under an hour.

This piece includes:
– A home-made dulcimer, cigar-box thing with notched frets like a pipa
– Accoustic guitar
– Processed field recordings
– Samples from my cassette tape echo system

I hope you enjoy it!

Long Summer Drive

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