Sorry, but I have been too busy to do a real update.

It’s true, usually saturday is my big day to sit down with some gear, come up with an idea and go for it. i tend to record and post in one fell swoop. This weekend however was just too complicated. I had dedicated myself to sitting down with the four track and figuring out how to improvise loops in real time and record it in a sort of stream of conciousness loop collage. well, it seems i better spend more time with the four track manual. It took me about ten minutes of fooling around before i could even get my input levels set right and figure out how to record to the right track. To make a long story short, i ran out of time with nothing to show for it besides some gained experience and a newfound respect for four track wizards everywhere. To get all DND on you… it’s a heavy sword to weild.

I am going to make a concerted effort though, this week, to get something out asap. Not just out of some weird responsibility to this blog, but also because I am hot under the collar to get this four track loop thing working efficiently. Thus far it is showing very exciting potential. To anyone who reads this PICK UP CHEAP FOUR TRACKS! You will not be sorry!

So as not to leave you high and dry this week, I present you with a video. Not that there is much to see here… more to hear. I only just recently started getting into Tony Conrad (i was busy okay?!?!) and WOW, I am really enjoying it. I love the overtones on this peice. It is like a naturally occuring symphony just below the surface. Enjoy!

I’ll be back with more sound experimentation soon!


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