So my partner in musical debauchery Al and I decided to make our collaborative efforts offical by branding ourselves with a name. Now, this brings me (of course!) to a deluge of pholosophical questions… “How do you give a name to something that is undefined?”; “Can there possibly be a word or words that evoke an accurate concept of what this is?”; “Why does the name Ashtray Navigations have to be taken?” (yuck yuck).


Above: Notes from our naming experiment

So after a couple false starts we decided that we would use two of our favorite devices in music making – improvisation and chance – to come up with a fitting name. We began with the use of our temporary moniker “AL B & ET”, subjecting the letter order to chance, but ultimately what came of it left something to be desired. Then we tried our full first names, which had a similar effect. Through all of this we were in hysterics at the alien sounding names that were coming out. Finally I suggested a nonsense word writing excercise. Improvised words. So we took turns writing off the top of our heads. Our goal was a longish word, and in retrospect, apparently one with neanderthalish qualities. We then chose which word would become our names by using the I Ching. Thus we became LATRALMAGOG. Pretty epic.

I am also posting our third session now. This one is much more ambient than previous efforts. It seems the music we make is very much effected by our moods on any given day. This is bay far the most peacful thing we have done. It is also quite beautiful at times. I hope you enjoy it.

Implements used in this recording:
Cymbals, tape machines, loop cassettes, Heathkit oscillator, Silver platter, circuit-bent tape player, melodica, shakers, bells, toys, cookie tin lute, appalacian mouth bow, air organ, electric kalimba, various effects boxes, etc.

no real clean way to chop this one up, so here’s the whole thing as one track:


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7 Responses to “Enter LATRALMAGOG!!!”

  1. al b Says:

    now that you scanned those sheets, I think that they would make excellent artwork, should there ever come a time for liner notes.

  2. howsthatsound Says:

    not a bad idea. i really like the way they look.

  3. startlingmoniker Says:

    Long live LATRALMAGOG! And sheesh, for a random name, that one looks sort of mythic…

    Speaking of random, you’ve been tagged. Check here for the details:

  4. startlingmoniker Says:

    I put your Session III on the air this morning… here’s the blog/playlist: http://startlingmoniker.wordpress.com/2007/07/14/itde71407/ Be sure to let Al know. Cheers! –DaveX

  5. ET Says:

    wow, thanks davex!

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