Music for four performers and four laptops

All performers should be male, and should be selected because they have completed Mario Brothers previously. The four performers should perform in a rectangular (preferably square) room, with each performer positioned in each corner, facing inward.

Performers are to be outfitted with laptops (make and model up to what is available). Laptops are to be equipped with an emulator running “Mario Brothers”. A contact mic is to be placed on each laptop so as to pick up keystrokes as loudly as possible, and connected to an amplifier, pointing toward the center of the room. (sounds from the game itself are not to be included, performers may only use the computer keyboard for gameplay) 

Performers are to be to be instructed to race to successfully complete the game first. The piece is over when someone does, and their prize is whatever the take from the door is.

Possible visuals: images of the four player’s screens, projected on top of one another.

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6 Responses to “Music for four performers and four laptops”

  1. al Says:

    WOW, this would be fun. Of course, I volunteer for this, should it be executed.

  2. howsthatsound Says:

    oh yeah, if i do this, you’ll be involved for sure. although, initially i wanted the performers to be the sort of people who would have no interest in the actual performance, but i’m flexible. 🙂

    unrelatedly, the related pot under this one, is really just not related at all. wordpress = fail!

  3. Jake Says:

    Oh man. I’ve been planning on hooking up 2-4 USB controllers to my laptop and having the controllers actually control a game, but then simultaneously controlling software synths too. Interesting that you have a similar idea!

    Also… I’ll be bringing my laptop… did you mean Super Mario Brothers or actual Mario Bros?

  4. howsthatsound Says:

    oh, that sounds like a great idea! let me know if you do anything with that. i meant mario brothers the original. i think super mario would be way too hard. 🙂

    knowing you are going to be in town and with a laptop makes me want to try this, but i don’t know if we’d have the time. ii’d love to try it though.

  5. Jake Says:

    Ooof, I’ve never finished the original. I don’t qualify. I guess that gives me something to do over the next two weeks. Hehe.

  6. howsthatsound Says:

    ha, no worries. ther’ell be plenty of sound-fun to be had!

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