ATTACK! (for 5 skilled or unskilled performers)

Performers should select acoustic instruments or objects that can be struck, plucked, or otherwise sounded in such a way as to not produce a constant tone, but a clear attack and decay.

Instructions for performers:
– play one sound at a time and let it die out completely before making another one
– don’t play if anyone else is playing
– play as often as possible
– if two or more start at the same time, all but one must stifle their sound
– you may observe, but do not communiacte with the other performers
– play either for a predetermined amount of time, or until it is time to stop

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2 Responses to “ATTACK! (for 5 skilled or unskilled performers)”

  1. startlingmoniker Says:

    I like the idea of this one– reminds me of a composition I heard about where performers were instructed to try to play along with others, but when they noticed someone playing along with them, they had to change up what they were doing.

    Also, I tagged you in a “whatcha reading” meme:

  2. al Says:

    I volunteer.

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